This must have been the most adventurous and fun shoot I have ever worked on! Not just because of the exotic location – perched on the top of Paarl rock, which included a steep hike up some boulders, but the vast variety of earthy textures, tones and elements made for an absolute ignition of creativity and inspiration. This must also be my favourite shoot as I had the opportunity to play and create from my interior design side, Agape Interior Concepts being the sister company of Agape Wedding and Event Design. Beautiful decor elements such as raw timber, metals including tin and copper, timeless furniture pieces, rich textured knits, gorgeous ceramic coffee cups, woven sisal and hemp rugs, and wild African animal prints were amongst those featured. Heike from Fleur le Cordeur combined multiple varieties of flora and bushveld items to created a marriage of textures, using dried seed pods, seeds, nuts, berries, twigs and leaves, dark fruits, four different types of thorn bushes, dried plant residues, feathers, horns and porcupine quills. An absolute statement black seed pod neckpiece, hand made by the floral extraordinaire, became the trademark of this beautiful shoot. Shot ever so creatively by Tasha Seccombe, with Yolande Du Toit on flawless hair and make-up, and Secret Diary Design crafting the delicate stationery designs. Alana wore gorgeous hand crafted wedding gown from Stefania Morland, beaded with exquisite pearls and stones. Karen was styled in a combination of gowns from Eve’s Bridal and clothing from Zara. Decor items were sourced from Weylandts, Country Road, Loft Living, and many were my own that I bought from home. Another home run for Agape Weddings, having this shoot featured on the Pretty Blog! Click here for the link!

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