When creating the ultimate atmosphere, candlelight is key! No romantic tablescape is complete without a sea of candlelight. In fact, at Agape Wedding and Event Design, more is more when it comes to candlelight! Personally, a soft, warm light is absolutely indispensable when I create a concept for a wedding or event reception interior. As a wedding planner, I can even dare to use candlelight to enthuse the atmosphere of the ceremony, specifically in the colder winter months! A romantic indoor ceremony in the Cape Winelands, filled with warm candlelight is sure to ignite the hearts of every person in the room! There really are no rules, bar a couple of no-nos! Here are a few helpful tips for candlelight from Agape Weddings: never use scented candles at a dinner table, as the scent can interfere with the aroma and taste perception of the food whilst the guests are dining on your culinary spread! Remember to consider wind and air drafts that may affect candles, as well as wax that may drip onto damageable items! Lastly, make sure your tea lights last long enough during the reception, as there is nothing worse than a table of prematurely burnt out candles while your guests are still enjoying the party! For more ideas, have a look here for our full wedding portfolio or click here to follow us on Pinterest!

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